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     KQJ series of Short-wave Infrared Painting Machines
     KQJ series of Short-wave Infrared Painting Machines are relied on our own forces to independently develop professional equipment on the basis of research auto painting technology home and abroad .Its core component“highly-intensive short wave infrared heating tube” has won national patent with the patent No. of ZL02292262.8.
     Shortwave has strong penetrability in non-metal material, In particular, The shortwave comes into surging once more under the influence of outside tube, and forms more penetrable shortwave . So it can penetrate painting surface quickly and dry it from inside to outside at the same time. Moreover, it forms reflex shortwave when it reach the metal surface, then dry painting surface again. So it can come about 30% energy conservation than the other roast methods, sometimes, 60%~70% energy conservation is possible. Meanwhile, due to the special work style, its work efficiency improves 2~5 multiples compared with the others, and its lifespan is 2~3 multiples longer than the usual products.
     Using the equipment, the paint films are shining, adhering tightly without shaving. In addition, the dazzling rays emitted from the inner tube are turned into red warm rays through the filtration of the external tube which not only makes no damage to the operators but also meet the environmental requirement.
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